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Belalcazar Castle

Belalcazar Castle

Belalcazar castle dominates the title settlement in the Spanish province of Cordoba. This medieval fortress is an excellent example of the royal works in Spain from the 15th century when the local influential people had tried to demonstrate their dominance, influence, and social and economic status to others.

The original fort instead of the current palace Belalcazar dates back to the Roman times. The hill on which the palace was built is strategic, because there it is visible to the surrounding areas and generally to the so called - Acorn Valley. Subsequently, the site appears a Norman castle. Belalcazar offers a wonderful view of the mountains of which stand north of the town.

Belalcazar castle was built entirely of stone blocks and had long been the official residence of the Counts of the Belalcazar family. They were patrons of the Architectural Engineering of the late gothic style and the Franciscan monastery there. Belalcazar in its present form was built in the late 15th century.

Built entirely of stone blocks, the beautiful Belalcazar castle consists of an exterior fortification, which is adapted to the roughness and specific features of the hill on which the castle stands. The outer wall was reinforced with rectangular towers. Inside the outside walls remains the rectangular fortress, which resembles a castle with eight towers - one at each corner and another one in the middle of each side.

All eight towers are the same height, with the exception of the east and the main tower, which rise significantly above the rest. In the 15th century the structure of Belalcazar had added some Renaissance improvements that are absent in the old central tower.

The castle is "ennobled" by Gutierre de Sotomayor, who earned money from the sale of various items. Today, the facade of the fortress is almost completely intact, but nothing remaines of the interior of Belalcazar castle.



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