Ekenas Castle

Ekenas Castle

Ekenas Castle is one of the masterpieces of the palace in Sweden. Located slightly from the capital - Stockholm and 20 miles east of the town and municipality of Linköping, Castle Ekenas is one true Renaissance jewel. It is situated on the rocks on the shore of a former lake which has now dried up. Ekenas is considered one of the best preserved castles from the 17th century.

Ekenas Castle was built by order of Peder Baner for 14 years - between 1630 and 1644. Earlier today at the palace there was a fortress built in the 14th century. Once the lake around the hill on which stands the Renaissance Ekenas had served as a natural defense. However, it was drained in the 19th century to create more arable land in the area.

The initial draft of the castle Ekenas was as a military fortification due to such structures surrounded by a moat. Furthermore, the protective equipment was designed and the castle was riched with three towers. During the reign of Queen Kristinas large areas of the land adjacent to Ekenas were donated to the aristocracy, which means that the income of the crown were significantly decreased at that time. Additional owners were deep in debt because of the wars.

In the following centuries the castle ownership of Ekenas changed constantly being sold and inherited from other nobles. During World War II, the palace Ekenas was used as a military house for the army. Over the past twenty years the construction of the castle underwent major renovation, which resulted in Ekenas today becoming a shining example of a luxurious palace of the Renaissance.

Visitors to the castle can see the authentic furniture cells and any items that date from the last three centuries. Visitors to the castle can also understand more about the history of the castle and the region, which is further diversified by the stories and legends about evil spirits.

Today Ekenas castle is privately owned by the Bergengren family and has been for the last several centuries, the palace has always been a private property. It is accessible to visitors almost all year round, but the halls and rooms of Ekenas are open only during the summer. Sometimes Ekenas plays host to various medieval festivals.



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