Cesvaine Palace

Cesvaine Palace

Cesvaine Palace is like it has stepped out of a fairy tale. Extremely beautiful, magnetic and colorful, Cesvaine Palace is located in the Latvian town of the same name in the region called Madona District.

In 2001 the Cesvaine castle received the title "Castle of Dreams" which was given by the members of the Tourist castles and palaces in Latvia. Nowadays, within the beautiful castle is an historical museum, telling the details of local history through the ages and a high school which teaches nearly 600 students.

Cesvaine Palace

Indeed, what could be said to be authentic of the Cesvaine castle is represented only by the meager rubble and ruins. The remains are of a medieval fortress, which served as the seat of local bishops and in particular the Archbishop of Riga. In 1633 the Cesvaine castle was described in a Swedish documentation as, a fortress with strong defensive fortifications.

Its place in 1896 had risen a hunting lodge by Emil von Wulf. It was built in the glamorous late Tudor style. The project on construction of the new Cesvaine was awarded to the German architect, H. Giesebah and other master workers, Dinklag and V. Giseke.

In fact, the foundations of the new palace were laid in 1890 and was built over seven years. The result as regards to the castle Cesvaine were more than successful.

Today's Cesvaine castle retains an architectural point of some Gothic elements. It is uniquely beautiful, romantic and charming, with picturesque windows, towers and turrets of various shapes and sizes, tall decorative chimneys and steep roofs, which are features of this style.

Abandoning all forms of a German Renaissance building, the architect creates unusual work, which pours a stream of both noble and friendliness together. Cesvaine Palace is in no way reminiscent of the stringent and cool fortified buildings, which have reached to date from this period.

The harmonic Cesvaine was built from colored stones, as his architect was skillfully handled with the principle of contrast. The facade is enriched with balconies and impressive pediments. Cesvaine castle is remarkable not only in style but also because of the quality of the design. In 2002 Cesvaine Palace suffered serious damage after a devastating fire that devastated much of the second floor after which the high school does not work.



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