Tioram Castle

Tioram Castle

Tioram Castle is further immersed in ruins, but is still attractive for many tourists and is located in the picturesque area of the Scottish Highlands. Castle Tioram, whose name translates from Gaelic means - Dry Castle was erected on a small island named, Eilean Tioram, which is dependent on the tides of Loch Moidart.

Tioram Castle is located west of Acharacle and about 80 kilometers from the largest city in region of Scotland - Fort William. Tioram Castle is now closed to visitors, but it is possible to go to the island at low tide, while you can see the inside of the stone remains of Tioram.

Tioram Castle

There is a particular indication which warns visitors that there is a potential danger of landslides and falling parts of the masonry. However, it is possible to see the castle walls from a safe distance.

Since ancient times, seas, lakes and rivers were the main thorough fares in the lands of the West mountain area of Scotland. Tioram Castle is located on a strategically important location, right on the estuary Shiel, which flows into the lake Moidart.

Castle Tioram was built for the control of the local waterways. The oldest parts of the fort are its walls, dating from the 13th century. The main tower, and some parts of the interior structure of Tioram were built in various stages between the 14th and 16th century.

In the earliest stage in the history of the castle Tioram it was owned by members of the MacDonald clan. In 1692 the castle was seized by the government after the chief of the clan - Allan of Clanranald, joined the French branch although he had sworn allegiance to the British crown.

At that time Tioram was a small garrison, but after the rebellion of the French in 1745, it was burned and abandoned. To this day the castle Tioram is in extremely poor condition and a decision can not be reached as to how and by whom it should be restored.



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