Stuart Castle

Stuart Castle

Stuart Castle is a lovely mansion, which stands on the picturesque lawns of the Scottish Highlands. Stuart Castle was built on the shore of the Moray and is situated about 7 km from Inverness. After about 300 years of oblivion, castle Stuart was restored and today it houses a first-class hotel.

It still is home to members of the Stuart family, but they believe they are too few to meet the eight beautiful bedrooms available to their mansion. Today you can give yourself a nice weekend at castle Stuart and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds it. The average price per night is around 475 dollars.

During the three centuries in which castle Stuart is uninhabitable nothing happened beyond the stone walls. Around the castle, however, there are many haunting stories about ghosts and spirits. Many people believe that even today that they are permanent residents. Wrapped in eerie stories is the upper bedroom in the east tower of the castle Stuart.

A visit to castle Stuart today can provide you with an incredible adventure as you can check out its secret corridors and passageways, hidden entrances and revolving doors.

When Mary Queen of Scots returned to Scotland in 1561 after the death of her husband, she gave the territory of castle Stuart to James Stuart, giving him the title Earl of Moray. The Earl managed Scotland as his regent. Unfortunately he was killed and then the 2nd Earl of Muray was dead and he was stabbed to death 13 times.

Stuart Castle was finalized in 1625 by James Stuart, the 3rd Earl of Muray. His wife, Anne Gordon, who was the daughter of the real killer of his father - Earl of Huntly. It is believed that the castle was built to protect the territories of the Muray.

Over the centuries, the Stuart Castle weathered the volatile events of the Scottish history, serving as a haven to the Counts of Muray and to the Stuart family. To further the unhappy fate of Stuart Castle its whole 300 years of history is just dust and has been totally abandoned.



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Comments (1)

Asa Abraham
Asa Abraham
30.01.2013 17:58
I loved our stay here, though it had been for just a night, but it was a night when we were the only guests in the castle so we had the place entirely to ourselves. We weren't lucky enough to encounter any ghosts but we had a great time enjoying the plush luxuries! In fact I had been so impressed and touched by our stay that I reviewed it in detail on my website, please do check
I would definitely recommend the castle for anyone who's a history buff with a special liking for ghost stories!

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