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Royal Pavilion in Brighton

Royal Pavilion in Brighton

Royal Pavilion in Brighton is very beautiful with its exotic architecture and is one of the biggest attractions of the city. Only the Royal Pavilion is located on the south coast of England in the East Sussex County.

Nearly 10 million tourists a year pass through Brighton, and make it one of the most popular English seaside resorts. Located 90 miles south of London , in the southeastern coast of the English Channel, Brighton has managed to maintain until today its Royal Pavilion - Certificate extravagance of the royal family.

Royal Pavilion in Brighton

The Royal Pavilion in Brighton is a breathtaking building and the residence of three British monarchs and one of the most impressive buildings in the British Islands. The castle with its oriental forms, minarets and domes in the Indian architectural style were built in the 18th century by the then Prince Regent, later King George IV.

He ruled as regent during the reign of his father - George III, even though the time was crazy. This period was known by the name of Regedit, and the Royal Pavilion was an emanation of all prodigality and extravagance of the royal fancies in that century. Then Brighton emerged as the most fashionable English resort and one of the first European ski resorts.

Built in three stages the foundations of the Royal Pavilion in Brighton were laid in 1787 at the former building, known as the Brighton House. The castle was used later by the brother of George IV - William IV and Queen Victoria. Victoria and Albert were frequent visitors to the palace of pleasure, but the queen was not fascinated by the atmosphere of the seaside town and eventually stopped their visits.

The first of the architectural work on the coast of Brighton was culminating in the emergence of the neo-classical building that was the work of architect Henry Holland. In the years between 1815 and 1822 John Nash ornated the Royal Pavilion building that we see today.Splendid decorations and fantastic detail in the interior, designed in Chinese styles are markedly restored completely and now in all its glory.

The walk today at the Royal Pavilion guarantees you a real adventure in the mythical world of strange creatures and a Regency era, which is felt in the remaining original furnishings and decorations, bright colors and fabrics throughout the interior of this Palace of Pleasure.

Brighton Royal Pavilion

It is said that George IV himself literally shouted with joy when he saw the castle completed. Today visitors to the Royal Pavilion in Brighton have occasion for such joy at the sight of the unusual and extremely beautiful halls and rooms of the castle.

Extremely impressive is the - Music Room. There you can see the richly decorated ceiling of countless gold shells and hand-woven carpet. Be sure to see the Great Kitchen and Iron Palms, which is marked by ornamentation, an opulent chandelier and silver dragon, and a superb collection of brass articles.

Very beautiful is the - The Royal Pavilion Tearoom with its spacious balcony overlooking the lovely gardens of the Royal Pavilion, which in turn have been restored in their original appearance.

Today the castle has built in facilities for a pleasant and memorable stay for tourists and guests. Some of these halls of the Royal Pavilion in Brighton are rented for weddings and other private celebrations.



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