Melbourne and the Yarra River

The city of Melbourne is located at the most southern point of mainland of the Australia continent. Melbourne is the capital and largest city of the Australian state of Victoria. Immediately after the capital Sydney, Melbourne is the largest city in the country. Around 70, 000 people live only in the central part of Melbourne and together with the suburbs the population is growing nearly to four million people. Melbourne is situated on Port Phillip Bay and the Yarra River also passes through the city.

From 1901 to 1927 Melbourne was the capital of Australia, and today it is a modern, cosmopolitan city that is considered one of the best places to live on the mainland. Residents have a high standard of living, and overall the urban atmosphere in Melbourne is quiet and features a low risk environment. Also known as place of death, the city has been several times rated as the most pleasant and better place to live worldwide. In 2002, 2003 and 2004 Melbourne tops the prestigious rating.

Melbourne City View

Many described Melbourne as the cultural capital of Australia. Besides a number of theaters and galleries, the tourists in Melbourne have the opportunity to enjoy the incredibly beautiful scenery, pretty parks and protected areas, to indulge in pleasures and pleasant entertainment with a modern twist in the central part. The undying nightlife, first class cuisine, excellent conditions and opportunities for tourism and entertainment are the hallmarks of Melbourne throughout the year. The very climate of latitude often brings a lot of surprises.

Melbourne Skyline

Melbourne has the reputation of the commercial capital of Australia because it is home to many young designers clothes with global ambitions. Fashion shops, studios and boutiques are scattered throughout the main streets and bazaars, and the best shops in Melbourne are located farther from the central zone of the small streets. In the presence of cafes and restaurants, quality infrastructure, shopping opportunities, availability of cultural and sporting events, Melbourne was the most comfortable city to live in during 2006.

The central business district of Melbourne has over 400 restaurants and dining areas which puts tourists to a challenging choice as all have first-class seats. Nightlife in Melbourne has highlighted a jazz flavor. Also, countless bars and clubs offering live music to its visitors puts a major emphasis on the entertainment options in Melbourne.

Walking through the streets of the second largest Australian city, you can not forget to enter a shop, which are almost at every turn. In fact, these chocolate shops offer more than simple sweets - most of them are incredible masterpieces of art and chocolate confectionery of handmade delicacies and creams.

Also another not to miss is Melbourne Beach. One of the coastal suburbs of the city is St Kilda. It has a beautiful view of Port Philip Bay in Melbourne. Also there you can visit an interesting craft market offering all conventional and exotic goods. On the beach they have the historic bathing, St Kilda which was built in 1850.



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