Yarra River

Yarra river and Melbourne

Yarra River flows through the eastern and central part of the Australian state of Victoria. The original name of the river is Birrarung, but later it adopted the name of the area from which it springs. In 1835 at the bottom of Yarra arises the very popular city of Melbourne, which is the cultural and commercial capital of Australia and second largest city in the country. Today the roles have turned – while in the past the Yarra has influenced Melbourne, today the city defines the metropolitan landscape in the lower part of Yarra.

Yarra River springs from the area with the same name, goes through the valley of Yarra, still in a westerly direction and through broad plains in the direction of Melbourne, to reach Hobsons Bay and to flow through the port of Port Phillip. The length of the entire Yarra is 243 km.

Yarra river and Melbourne

From prehistoric times the river Yarra was the "cradle" of life in the surrounding Australian territories. Long ago, many aborigines survive thanks to Yarra , and after the arrival of the first European settlers, indigenous people were pushed into more distant lands. Primarily business purposes have been operated off the Yarra since the arrival of Europeans.

Over the Yarra River in central Melbourne today, we can see the historic Princes Bridge. It is the third bridge, which appears in this space over the river, which for centuries has been employed as a major route for crossing over the Yarra. The first bridge at the site of today's Princess was built in 1844, and this “newer” one appeared in 1888, making it the age of 130 years old.

The bridge over Yarra connects the north with the south coast of Melbourne, and it is pedestrian, road and rail. The historic importance of Princes Bridge won its place in the register of Victorian monuments of the country.

Yarra river

The series of new low-profile bridges built over the Yarra after the beginning of 20 century radically changed the view of the river and the whole of Melbourne. This is the reason for the weakening of importance of traditional port areas, increasingly rarefying the sight of large moored ships with masts in the city center.

Many landscapes are formed in coastal areas and the entire Yarra River. Many are organized primarily to protect the unique nature and are governed and managed by the management of Parks of Victoria.

One of the most famous nature reserves and parks along Yarra are the Royal Botanic Gardens, Yarra Bend Park, Westerfolds Park, Yarra Ranges National Park and others.

In this part of the country it is very attractive to organize trips in the forests of Danzhenong with the oldest in Australia and best - preserved steam locomotive in the world. Journey with the locomotive "Puffing Billy" starts and ends in the Belgrave Lakeside. From there travels a van through the valley Yarra , where the tourist meets the desert areas of "the great watershed" with the best wine regions of Australia.



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