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Augustusburg Castle

Augustinusburg Castle in Bruhl near Cologne

Augustusburg Castle is classified as a castle of world rank because of its unique and valuable architecture in the Rococo style. Incredibly beautiful, Augustusburg is located in the small German town of Brühl, which is located near the left bank of the Rhine, a little - to the south of Cologne.

In the Middle Ages Brühl was a stronghold of Cologne and Augustusburg exclaims that with its beautiful and inspiring gardens and its embelmatic staircase, by the famous architect Balthasar Neumann.

Augustinusburg Castle in Bruhl near Cologne

Augustusburg Castle together with Falkenlust are classified as masterpieces of Rococo style. Both castles were built in the 18th century for Clemens, who was a secular ruler and the archbishop of Cologne.

The foundations of Augustusburg was laid in 1725, the project was commissioned to the architect, Johann Conrad Schlaun. The Archbishop, however, had more unusual requirements for the future of Augustusburg. The ruler preferred residency in a modern and impressive building, so labor took place for years after appointing architect, Francois Cuvilliés.

Today Augustusburg is the work of the French architect but also many other helpers, with whom he worked, such as Balthasar Neumann and the unique staircase, which he produced. Neumann had worked on it for eight years between 1740 to 1748. Augustusburg was built on the foundations of a earlier water palace which was demolished in 1689.

The shining rococo castle was considered the most perfect palace along the Rhine in this architectural style, and in 1984 it was included in the UNESCO list of world historical and cultural heritage.

Between the years of 1747-1750 the artist Carlo Carlone was engaged in painting the ceilings of Augustusburg, the spelling of the beautiful frescoes of the staircase, and the decoration of the main rooms and chapels.

After more than 40 years of work in 1769, the castle was finally completed. Currently Augustusburg belongs to the management of the local German province. Especially nice would be visiting the castle during the summer, from early May until late August when the town hosts the annual concerts of Brühl castle concerts.



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