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Rheinsberg Castle

Baroque Castle Rheinsberg

Rheinsberg Castle is a historical landmark, which is located in the municipality of Ostprignitz-Ruppin in the north west German region of Brandenburg. The castle is open to visitors Tuesday to Sunday.

The history of the city shows the royal seat was inherently connected with its baroque castle - Rheinsberg which was long managed by the Hohenzollern family. Situated on the Rhine, Rheinsberg offers many interesting places for tourists as is the so-called House of the Cavalry and the beautiful, picturesque park.

The history of the castle began initially as a medieval fortified castle. Only in 1734 during the reign of Prince Friedrich - later Frederick the Great, Rheinsberg turns into baroque royal residence. The story goes that Prince Frederick spent the best years of his life in the castle. His younger brother - Prince Henry of Prussia, was "guilty" for the glamorous architecture of the castle and its adjacent gardens, which are highlighted in the early neoclassical style.

During the decades after the rise of the castle the park, the house of cavalry and the palace theater were created. At present the castle can not escape the classical touch, which for decades invariably accompanied it.

Rheinsberg Castle

Beyond the walls of the palace, the Academy of Music is housed. The work and concerts are popular and are loved far beyond Germany. The town and castle Rheinsberg presents a perfect backdrop for classical music.

The mansion is home to classic festivals which during Easter and from June to August each year you can listen to the performances of the Rheinsberg Opera.

Within the castle you can see the memorial monument of the artist Kurt Tucholsky, which was erected in memory of his life and work as one of the most prominent authors in the Weimar Republic. The beautiful castle had been evaluated as the building with the highest quality. It is said that its incredible architecture has even served as a model of the intriguing - Sanssouci Palace.

Inside, Rheinsberg has about 50 apartments and even royal rooms complete with artwork.

An unforgettable walk is along the inspiring lake of the castle Rheinsberg, which is called Grienicksee.



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