Straznice Castle

Straznice Castle

Straznice Castle is situated in the Czech city of the same name, in the southern part of the Moravian region. Although the first written report about the city dates from the early 14th century, numerous archaeological find and documents testify to the existence of the population in this territory even before this date.

The emergence of the city is linked with efforts to strengthen the borders of the Czech state during the reign of Přemysl Otakar II in the first half of 13th century.

Straznice Castle

At that time the region was already included in the territory of Moravia. To ensure protection of the borders were erected several castle, one of which is Straznice.

The meaning of Straznice is the guarding position and is linked to its defensive function on the Moravian border. It is believed that the castle was built aaround 1260.

At the outset Straznice was royal property, but in the early 14th century the town and the castle fell into the hands and under the dominion of the Moravian House of Lords cowman (Kravaře). The ruler of the area in those years Petr Straznicky, who had the rank of Regional Master of Moravia.

He expanded his property, built a new settlement, Straznice which is named after him. The Senior Lord of the area granted the right to grow vines, which laid the foundation for the development of an excellent wine region.

During the reign of the last male of the dynasty - Jiri from Kravare, the castle underwent major renovation. Trenches, firewalls and Saint Martin Church, were built.The church was later destroyed and restored again in its original form.

In 1458 the castle witnessed a meeting between King Jiri of Podebrady and Hungarian King Mattys Korvin, to see who gets the rights over Straznice. Built originally as a water castle it was later rebuilt in the Renaissance style. Today the palace functions as a house-clock. Beyond the walls of the mansion is the headquarters of the National Institute of Folk Culture is the Czech Republic.

Among the interesting things that can be seen in the castle are the library and a permanent exhibition, named "Folk Instruments of the Czech Republic.

The castle is surrounded by an official park , which boasts that it has the longest flat promenade in Central Europe, which was established in the second half of the 19th century.

Walking in the park of Straznice Castle will reveal beautiful views of lakes, amphitheaters, a summer cinema, benches, which you can sit on and read the information boards.



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