Cervena Lhota

Cervena Lhota Castle

The Czech Republic is popular for its high concentration of castles, most of which are recognized worldwide for their class. One of the clearest examples of this palace is Cervena Lhota, which is one of the most unique, most beautiful and most visited in the Czech Republic.

The unique red facade of the Cervena Lhota annually attracts nearly 120, 000 visitors from around the world who also manage to see the inside also. Another 80 000 people were unable to enter and only managed to visit the gardens.

Cervena Lhota is located in southern Czech Republic, about 20 km from Hradec, it stands beautifully in the middle of a picturesque lake, perched on a rocky island. Between the castle and the mainland a stone bridge was built, which makes easier access.

The first written record in historical documents about the castle comes dates back to 1465. It is known that the palace underwent a major renovation between 1542 and 1555, from a Gothic medieval castle into a beautiful Renaissance one.

In the 17th century skilled Italian craftsmen worked on the interior decoration of the palace and turned it into a genuine work of art. Between 1841 - 1863 it underwent another reconstruction, this time into Neo-Gothic and also changes are made in the interior.

Cervena Lhota near Hradec

In the early 20 th century the then owner of the property made more improvements in the Renaissance style. In 1947 the National Cultural Committee took control of the castle and two years later, it was opened to the public.

Currently the castle Cervena Lhota is part of the National Cultural Heritage of the Czech Republic. Around the castle you can see an incredible garden, accompanied by a park, which are highly prized by botanists.

The red color of the walls of the palace holds a legend that tells of a girl kidnapped by the devil. Her blood left indelible marks on the white facade of the palace, so it was repainted a bloody colour.

The original color of the castle is actually white, but in the 17th century the facade acquired a characteristic reddish tinge. Cervena Lhota enjoys great popularity in the Czech Republic and over the decades many films have been shot there.

Today, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy a nice lunch at a fine restaurant and an unforgettable walk through gardens, the restaurant is situated in a historic building with wonderful views of the castle.



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