Merced River

Merced River in Yellowstone National Park

Most Americans know the Merced river, as the place for excellent conditions for rafting and extreme pleasures. Extremely beautiful and turbulent, the river Merced is located west of the Yosemite National Park , which is one of the most popular places for nature walks in this part of California. River Merced is located near the towns of Mariposa and Midpines, slightly away from the Californian Highway 140.

Various parts of Merced can be reached quite easily. To places that are most popular among tourists and visitors of the turbulent water masses of Merced, there are regulated roads, but also quite a few back paths, and motor routes that are not recommended, especially if you're not a local. The most famous tourist area of Merced is known as the white rafting zone.

Merced River in Yellowstone National Park

Merced river is only slightly down from the waterfall Nevada Fall, which is also part of Yosemite Park. Merced has also formed an extremely beautiful and picturesque waterfall - Vernal Fall. In the bed of the Merced flows also the lowest point of Yosemite Falls itself, which is the most popular picture of the entire natural phenomenon. The wonderful view reveals to visitors a mass of water flowing from the whole 97 m height of the lower waterfall Yosmite.

The restless Merced river springs from the Sierra Nevada in central California. Its rapid course travels through the so-called Central Valley and San Joaquin River, through which it directs and flows into the Pacific Ocean. Length along the Merced is about 180 kilometers.

Best known in Merced is the fast movement of its course in the southern part of Yosemite National Park. Especially attractive to tourists, the area offers extreme views of rapids, but the overall view of the Merced changes drastically once it reaches the lowlands. From here the river becomes a slow moving stream flowing quietly into agricultural areas.

In the history of the River Merced are involved the indigenous peoples of the Miwok and Paiute as well, who lived along the river for hundreds of years. Their culture and customs flourished thanks to the rich flora and fauna around the canyon of the Merced. The soils here were very fertile, because they are the result of eroded mountains .

In the dense and rich riparian forests around Merced, nature has built a diverse kingdom. The old trees are home to thousands of migratory birds. The waters of the river Merced are extremely rich in salmon, and here is produced one of the biggest catches of this species across North America. Several years ago a special study found that in the region and the river itself Merced live about 37 fish species, 127 different kinds of birds and 140 representatives of insects and invertebrates.

Merced river and its wild streams and tributaries are a popular recreational area in this part of the U.S., mostly because of the national park. There are many activities that may be undertaken in the region and attracts here thousands, even millions of tourists throughout the year. Boating, fishing, camping and rock climbing are just a fraction of outdoor activities near Merced. The undisputed favorite of all is the area for rafting.



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