Toronto, Lake Ontario, CNN Tower

Toronto is the financial and economic centre of Canada, but also the culture here and the research field reached their peak here too. Toronto is the largest city in Canada, and the capital of the local province of Ontario. It has a population of about 2.5 million people, and with the suburbs - about 5, 115 000 people. It is located in the southern province and lies on the north western end of Lake Ontario, one of the four Great Lakes. In population Toronto ranks fifth among cities in North America.

The region of Toronto around the northern shore of Lake Ontario has begun to populate 11 000 years ago, when after the Ice Age in these lands began to arrive the first people who can now call themselves indigenous. Direct contact with locals by Europeans occurred in the 17th century. In the 18th century Frenchmen built small commercial centres near Toronto, but the birth of the urban community can’t be seen until the arrival of the British regime.

In 1787 the lands around Toronto were bought from Mississauga. In 1793 г. John Graves Simcoe, established a military post here as well as a civilized city section. This was to ensure the defence of the colony, during the period of American invasions. He named the village “York” and moved the provincial capital to Toronto.

The industrious Toronto began modestly in the mid 19th century and then experienced continuous progress. Much of the face, urban architecture and landscape of Toronto is shaped as a result of this progress. By 1941 the population of Toronto increased to 667000 and Toronto had already started competition with Montreal in industrial, cultural and economic terms. In 1976 the population of Toronto finally exceeds that of Montreal and the position of today's largest city in Canada becomes a fact.

Toronto, Canada

In Toronto you can find interesting streets, separated by other cultures, such as the Italian neighbourhood (College Street West), Greek district (Danford), Chinatown (Spadina), Indian Quarter (Jerard street), the Portuguese and other neighbourhoods.

Undoubtedly the biggest attraction in Toronto is the CNN Tower, which is like a business card of the city. The tower was inaugurated on June 26, 1976, and by 2007 was the highest freestanding structure in the world with its gigantic size of 553 33 meters. This symbol Toronto is located in the city centre, close to the world's first fully covered stadium Rogers Centre. It is actually a TV tower, but the building offers an attractive addition of publicly accessible terraces, revolving restaurant and entertainment complex.

In Toronto is also the longest street in the world - Yonge Street. It starts from the very shore of Lake Ontario, and further divides the city into east and west. Yonge Street is a street in central Toronto, Reaching the Rainy River in Ontario. On many historical sights in Toronto you can see the street art of Queen Street West and in the historic Distillery District area.



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