Hamilton, Canada

Hamilton is a town in Canada, the Province of Ontario. The city has a population of about 505 000 inhabitants. This is a port city founded by George Hamilton, where he bought a farm in 1812. Hamilton quickly became a center of the densely populated and industrialized region at the western end of Lake Ontario.

In 2001, new boundaries were extended for Hamilton's merger with smaller adjacent municipalities Ancaster, Dundas, Flamborough, Glanbrook and Stoney Creek.

In Hamilton there are many attractions including the Royal Botanical Gardens, Museum of the Canadian air force and Canadian Football Hall of Fame. In Hamilton were filmed numerous television productions and films for its peculiar look.

Hamilton, Ontario

Many years ago, at the site of today's Hamilton lived Indians of the Five Nations. In 1784 about ten thousand people settled in Upper Canada. They live with their children in the newly established city of Hamilton. The big invasion of Irish immigrants in Hamilton happened in the thirties of the nineteenth century.

The first Irishman, who appeared in Hamilton, was William Gage, who settled early in 1790. The Irish arrived in Hamilton, because the British Parliament sent poor Irish families in Canada, where they try to find a better life.

Another reason was that the British government needed people to keep North American borders. This was welcome for the poor Irish families. They were willing to take risks and go in a strange land to try their luck. The first group of Irish settlers arrived in Canada in 1823 and two years later came other Irish. So Hamilton city suddenly became a bustling center. Gradually, workshops and factories emerged and Hamilton became an industrial city.

Initially, Hamilton was the most important center to the new district Gore. By 1832 the city had no permanent building to act as a prison.

Hamilton Downtown

In 1846 Hamilton received city status. With the expansion of the city in the nineteenth century were built several monumental buildings. These are the Grand Lodge of Canada, Western Methodist church and public library. The city had the first telephone service in Canada.

Despite strikes of the railway workers in the early twentieth century, the city's population doubled between 1900 and 1914. The city is based on two companies in the steel industry, which employ many people in Hamilton.

In the town of Hamilton, many tourists come to visit the famous African lion safari. Actually this is not a true safari, but a huge zoo, which is a nature reserve. There can be seen over a thousand exotic birds and animals. Especially for tourists, they make a show with trained animals. Recently, the safari center celebrated its 40th birthday.

The City of Hamilton is famous for its Royal Botanical Gardens, which have five divisions and one can see unique species of plants. The Art Gallery of Hamilton is a place where many historically significant works of art, and examples of contemporary art are collected. The gallery regularly holds exhibitions of contemporary artists and sculptors.

The city regularly holds the festival spirit of Christmas, which brings together people from the city. This is the best way for the whole family to experience the true Christmas spirit and to prepare for the holiday.



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