Hluboka Castle

Hluboka Castle

Hluboka Castle is an excellent example of the royal ruler of a castle in Medieval times. Built in the mid 13th century, there emerged a political "sensitive" area for that time the boundary between two possessions were in today's Czech territory. Hluboka, built in the style of Windsor and is located in Bohemia of today's Czech Republic.

Hluboka Castle is one of the first Gothic castles in the world and was built around 1250. During the middle Ages the castle was alternately an aristocratic title and subject of the King administration. In 1562 King Ferdinand I sold Hluboka palace with the right of inheritance to the Lords of Hradec, which quite changed the castle. Hluboka has become a great example of Renaissance architecture.

Nearly a century later the possession of the island was bought by Jan Adolf Schwarzenberg whom was first European diplomat of that time. He and his descendants remained in this part of South Bohemia for nearly 300years until the early 18th century. Prince Adam, who is one of the grandsons of Jan Adolf fully converted the palace in the Baroque style, which today makes it one of the most beautiful and perfectly preserved baroque castles.

Originally the first centuries of the history of Hluboka are shown on the walls and ceilings of the stately halls as they were lined with generous trees that were decorated by unusually generous and beautifully crafted woodcarvings.

Today, the bedroom and dressing room of the Princess Eleonor, so called closet Hamilton and reading room are decorated with art works of European masters from 16th to 18th century. The noble interior is complemented by beautiful chandeliers and window ornaments from the late Renaissance.

Castle of Hluboka

The most valuable furniture in Hluboka today can be seen in the ‘Morning Guest room’, whose interior is stylishly finished with hand painted Chinese vases from the 18th century. Anywhere out of this living room, small dining room and reception areas are portraits of the most important members of the Schwarzenberg family. The walls of the great room expose tapestries, woven in Brussels in the first half of the 17th century.

The largest hall is the library Hluboka that definitely fascinates with its beautiful and rich interior. Today the castle is a museum in which the progeny than beautiful furniture, paintings and art objects can be examined along side the exquisite Gothic paintings and statues.



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Fred Smith
Fred Smith
20.03.2012 11:17
Where is the Castle located ?? Where's the MAP ???

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