Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland is one of the largest cities in the U.S. and the administrative center of Ohio. It is not notorious for wearing the crown of a modern metropolis with a high standard of living, Cleveland still has several huge advantages over the very relaxed modern cities. Cleveland is located on the southern shore of Lake Erie, which is the penultimate of the five largest North American Great Lakes. About 95 miles from Cleveland is the border between Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Cuyahoga river, which flows through the city and whose mouth is a stone throw away is historically associated with the emergence of the settlement. The history of Cleveland began in the 18th century when in 1796 the first European settlers set foot on the lands near the river. Further, the strategic position of the city gives it an important role as a commercial center.

Through here pass a large number of railway lines and many waterways. The decline of heavy industry force shattered the economy of Cleveland, but the city evolved towards the service sector, financial operations, light industry, etc. However, in recent decades, Cleveland remains with fewer and fewer people.

We have very unpleasant history in Cleveland, such as that of 1969, when the river was on fire because of vast water pollution. In 1978 the city became the first in U.S. history since the Great Depression, to have declared bankruptcy.

Cleveland from Lake Erie

Once among the five largest cities in the U.S. today, Cleveland has a population less than 500 000 inhabitants, which ranks it in 33rd place in the U.S. on these criteria. The bureau of Census of the United States offers various definitions for the largest conurbation in Ohio - Large Cleveland. The region has a population of about 2.1 million people and ranks 23rd in the country. Cleveland is part of a larger area in Cleveland, which employs 2, 945, 831 people. For the last 5 years, Cleveland was left by 71 000 inhabitants; its population has declined by a half over the past 50 years.

Magazine "Forbes" said Cleveland was the "worst city in America" in 2010. Located on the beautiful Lake Erie, Cleveland is often called the mistake by the lake, mostly because of the high unemployment, high taxes, non-drinkable water, corruption of the administration, "hopelessly weak" sports teams, high crime and killings that continue in different parts the city. At first glance, this description is like a nightmare for every tourist who wants to visit the city, but in Cleveland there are many things, sights and places "worth the risk."

In the past 15 years the center of Cleveland is experiencing a real renaissance, thanks to three new stadiums for football, basketball and baseball. Cleveland is also one of the health centers of the U.S. Department because the city is one of the best in the country for the purpose. It is also the largest employer in northeastern states. It is expected that within up to three years in Cleveland will begin operations a large casino complex.

While sightseeing in Cleveland, you must go through the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This intriguing museum and its futuristic building are located in downtown Cleveland on the shore of Lake Erie. There visitors can trace the history of some of the most influential and popular musicians, producers and artists, mostly in the rock genre. In the foyer of the museum you can see a draped Trabant, decorated in various colors from a tour of U2.



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