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Maritime Academy in Vallejo

Vallejo is a city located within the State of California. It is the largest city within Solano County. Vallejo's population is about 116 000 people.

The town is located near San Francisco Bay. The city of Vallejo is named after General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo.

Twice Vallejo was the capital of California - in 1852 and in 1853. In 2008 Vallejo became the largest California city that has fallen into a state of bankruptcy.

Vallejo was home to the Indians Miwok, and other tribes. Then the territory, which today is the city of Vallejo, was converted into Rancho Suscol, which was donated by Mexican Governor Manuel Micheltorena to General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo in 1843. The ranch area extends three hundred and forty square miles.

The city, which appeared in that territory, was named after General Vallejo, who played a major role in the settlement of the northern Bay Area. General Vallejo helped to secure peace in 1846, when Californians revolted against the Mexican government of California. This caused the accession of the Republic of California USA.

While Gen. Vallejo was a Mexican officer, he correctly assessed the possibility of accession of California to the United States. He proposed a plan for a new city in 1850 and suggested the town be called Eureka. According to the plans of General Vallejo in the city was to be built in the state Capitol building, as well as a university, botanical gardens and other institutional buildings. After a referendum, his proposal was accepted, but another name was chosen for the city, which actually was the general's surname.

In 1851 a special commission selected the location on the hill, where on a clear day you can see the city of San Francisco.

In 1852 the legislature of the state gathered in Vallejo. The Capitol building had not yet been built. Having been forced to sit in a damp old building, and then sit on a barrel, instead of chairs, members of the meeting were adamant that the sessions will move to Sacramento.

During the 1853, a session was again held in the city of Vallejo, a decision is taken for the capital city to be moved Benicia. The town was named Benicia, the name of the wife of General Vallejo - Francisca Benicia Carrillo.

Although the town is named after General Vallejo, the man who laid the real foundations of the city, is his son in law John Frisbie. He married the daughter of General Vallejo and received from her father the power to manage his lands. Frisbie hired a person to create a city plan.

In the sixties, it became world famous with the ramping zodiacal serial killer. Although allegedly the zodiacal killer killed thirty-seven men, only seven cases have been confirmed by evidence. Two of his victims managed to survive. The killer called himself the Zodiac in coded letters sent to local newspapers.

Police in Vallejo and San Francisco were trying to resolve the case, but never managed to finish. In 2004 the case was closed, but became active again in 2007. The case is still open as the zodiacal killer is still free.

Vallejo is known for its tolerance of homosexuality. Here in the forties of the twentieth century was formed a stable homosexual community. In Vallejo worked together eight gay bars. After migration of homosexual oriented people from San Francisco from the beginning of the twenty-first century to 2009, the city began an anti-homosexual movement. Three of the evangelical churches are against homosexuality.



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