Almost half of residents living in South Korea are in Seoul or its populous suburbs, transforming the capital of this republic into the largest political economical, cultural and financial center of the country. With its population of over 10 million people, and with 25 million including the suburbs, Seoul is becoming not only the largest city in South Korea, but also one of the largest and most densely populated locations worldwide. The Capital of the Republic of South Korea, Seoul is located in the northwest of the country. In Seoul passes the near mile wide Han River. The Capital itself is located in the middle of the Korean Peninsula.

Seoul is located in a very interesting natural beauty spot. In the middle of the northern part of town is Mount Nam-san, also known as South Mountain. Quite interesting is that today's Seoul , which is one of the most serious economic, business and financial centers of Asia, has managed to keep the incredibly large number of historical and cultural monuments - more pronounced than many other historic cities in the world. The vast cultural heritage of Seoul received recognition from UNESCO as on 09/12/1995, the organization included in its list of world heritage some of the largest and most valuable monuments of Korea.

These are Chongmyo (Royal Tombs of the Joseon Dynasty), which is a temple in honor of the kings of the Joseon Dynasty that ruled between 1392 and 1910, in the capital Seoul. In 1997, to UNESCO's list was also added the palace Changdeokgung in Seoul. A little later, recognition of architectural and historical value received other palaces in Seoul - Hwaseong, the Jongmyo Shrine and Toksugung.

Seoul, South Korea

In the center of Seoul is Changdeokgung palace. Very beautiful and impressive in this complex is the Secret Garden. The beautiful and beautifully arranged flowers, shrubs and trees prompted UNESCO to include the palace on its list of world historical landmarks. This castle has a well-preserved architecture from the reign of the dynasty Joseon. The kings of this dynasty worshiped the incredible gardens of his palace. Today the only way to see them is an organized tour.

Next to the Secret Garden Palace is located Changgyeon, which is considered the most fascinating and beautiful historic building in Seoul. After touring some of the most beautiful castles in the Korean capital, you may head to Insadong, where most tourists crowd. The reason for this is that there are quite a few antique shops and galleries on the busy streets. In this area you can see many craftsmen’s houses and antique shops.

You must try Korean cuisine, which is particularly extravagant for European tastes. However be careful what you order, because quite often Korean food is not good for tourists. Especially popular are the small shops for fast food , you can see locals eating various local specialties - pressed seaweed, various stuffed and fried pancakes , and even the specialty of biscotti with an egg inside.



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