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Teotihuacan in Mexico

Teotihuacan in Mexico

The ancient settlement Teotihuacan is one of the most valuable archaeological sites worldwide. Teotihuacan is located about 40 km northeast of Mexico and is the largest city in the whole northern South America. In its heyday the place was inhabited by nearly 150, 000 people.

This city was sacred to the Aztecs, because according to their legend, the gods there gathered to plan the creation of man. Called the birthplace of the gods and precious place of sacrifice Teotihuacan is home to three of the most ancient pyramids in the world.

Building the holy city Teotihuacan began around 300 BC with the Pyramid of the Sun, which was built around 150 BC. It is believed that descendants of the city abandoned the village and moved to Tenochtitlan, which is considered a sacred place. Many of the artifacts left in the city have been moved to the National Museum of anthropological in Mexico City.

There are two roads which can lead to Teotihuacan. The highway from the city of Mexico is located only around 45 meters away and the traffic there is more responsible compared with the old road. The tour of the area is not a very mild exercise, although it is enjoyable. The walk is pretty, especially if you've decided to climb to the top of the pyramids which are built up on 2120 meters of altitude. There the sun is pretty strong, so be sure to use protective creams.

Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan

The central wall of the Pyramid of the Sun was built perpendicular to the line of the horizon where the sun sets on the day of the equinox. This is the third largest pyramid in the world with a height of 64 meters and length of the main walls 221 meters. Mount Moco has several smaller buildings, which were once covered bright and dark red paintings.

The main city boulevard in Teotihuacan is called Street of the Dead and the Pyramid of the Moon is located on the north end. The third building is preserved and the Aztec were located on the south side of the boulevard.

While walking along the boulevard of the dead in Teotihuacan you can see from the right side the ancient wall, which still shows a broad picture of a jaguar. Given the time of the wall which dates back centuries, we can conclude that the ancient ornaments here were also impressive.



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