Washington DC

Washington DC

Washington is the capital of the United States. Situated between the states of Maryland and Virginia on the east coast of the continent, Washington is in the territory of the Federal District of Columbia, and only called DC (District of Columbia). This is the only Federal District in the U.S. and covers 106 sq. Km. The U.S. capital is named after George Washington, the first president. The city itself is home to approximately 600, 000 people.

The first Europeans who set foot on the lands of present-day Washington was the Spanish Captain Don Bruno de Heceta, who went there around 1775, sailing with the ship, Santiago. Since that time several centuries have passed, during which Washington has emerged as a city, and today it is the world center of political power and the main symbol of the might of America. Washington rather resembles most European capitals, as it almost has nothing to do with New York.

Millions of tourists who arrive in Washington do not remain disappointed. The city is one of the most beautiful and is filled with historical monumentus locations in the U.S.. The city center has many interesting museums and attractions, galleries and parks, but the main attractions such as the White House, Georgetown and the Capital Hill Congress throughout the year are filled with curious tourists from all over the planet.

During the tour of the Capital House visitors are able to see the incredible beautiful Rotunda hall with statues, the original Hall of the Supreme Court and the Crypt where George Washington and his wife, Martha had to be buried.

The White House in Washington

Particularly impressive is the monument of George Washington . This granite obelisk is 169 meters in height and of course there is a lift that reaches the very top of the building. From above, it offers breathtaking views of all parts of the U.S. capital, Washington. The White House is the place that serves as the official residence of U.S. President. The current name of the building was given in 1901 by President Theodore Roosevelt.

Personally President George Washington with the city architect, Pierre L'Enfant choose where the presidents palace was to be erected. The building began to be built in October 1792 and formally submitted for use in the 1800 when the first president used it as their residence, John Adams. Since then, every presidential couple have made some changes to the interior of the building as the White House is not only an administrative building, but also the private home of the president and his family.

In Washington , the Pentagon is located, where the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense is located. The Pentagon has a very interesting architectural plan, taking the form of a regular pentagon. That building in Washington is considered the largest office building in the world. The Pentagons construction began on September 11th, 1941 and officially the Pentagon in Washington was put into operation on January 15th, 1943. The total cost of construction for the building costs was around 83 million U.S. dollars.

Be sure to visit the institute Smithsonian, which is the largest museum complex and simultaneously research institution in the world. The whole complex Smithsonian in Washington includes 17 museums and the National Zoo. There, you can learn a lot about American history, natural sciences, aerospace and aviation and the art and culture of American Indians. The holocaust Museum is a place that also deserves to be visited in Washington.



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