Boston is considered one of the oldest cities in the United States. Resting forever in the history of the country as a bosom of the American Revolution, Boston today is the capital and largest location in Massachusetts.

The modern face of Boston is a modern and bustling center based mainly on the fact that it is a famous student center. Furthermore, Boston is an incredibly beautiful city, thanks to the architecture, consisting of historic brick buildings dating from the 19th century. The cultural face of Boston was formed by numerous galleries and a variety of exhibitions and displays that can be seen in them, but Boston also has a venerable tradition in the theater.

Boston Skyscrapers

Perhaps because of the specifics of Architecture Boston is considered the U.S. city with the European broadcasting, which is the result of the mixed spirit of both cultures. Geographic Boston is located on the east coast of the USA. The whole city covers an area of 232 square kilometers and more than six million people live there. Along with the people who inhabit the suburbs, the total number of inhabitants of Boston reaches about 4.5 trillion people. Population density is 4, 815 people per square meter.

The history of Boston began in 1630 as the original settlement was founded by the Puritan - settlers. In the next century, Boston was one of the cornerstones in the fight for independence of the United States. In the port of Boston is the so called - Boston Tea Party, this event happened on Thursday, December 16th, 1773 and helped to start a war for independence in the U.S..

The Boston Tea Party was a protest for the American colonists against the policy of the United Kingdom and the overwhelming British taxes. What happened in the port of Boston remains an ambiguous name in history because of the destruction of large amounts of crates pressed by British tea ships. Boston flourished as a major port and manufacturing centers of America after the announcement of its independence.

Today the modern city of Boston attracts over 16 million tourists from all over the world. It is important to note that Boston is one of the world universities. It was there that had the first American public high school and first college - Harvard College. This happened in 1636.

Boston Skyline

Among other major educational centers in Boston they have - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston University, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Boston College, Art Institute of Boston and many others. In over one hundred colleges, universities and research institutions in Boston train around 250, 000 young people from around the world.

Boston can also boast with its public library, which is one of the largest in the U.S.. It is remarkable both by its facade and the interior, taking each of the rooms it has a unique spirit and style. Just in front of the library is located one of Bostons religious symbols - St. Trinity, which is remarkable for its beautiful stained glass windows and frescoes. Adjacent to the temple stands the highest building in Boston - The John Hancock Tower. Also known by the name - friendly skyscraper. This giant in Boston has a fully mirrored glass facade.

One curious fact is that the pride of Boston had the first subway in the United States. Among the museums that highlight the cultural face of the city is the Museum of Science, which could be considered a rich collection of materials in engineering, biology and astronomy.

Museum of Fine Arts has one of the largest collections of paintings by Monet and also you can see a large collection of Egyptian mummies. Quite attractive is the Quincy Market which is the old city market. There is the usual place of Boston artists and painters. In Quincy Market in Boston you can eat delicious dishes, as you choose between all sorts of restaurants offering cuisine from around the world.



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