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Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru National Park is another unique place in Kenya, which has no analogue. This is a peculiar pink world, because of the salty water of the lake, there are huge flocks of pink flamingos that feed on algae growing in the lake. This protected locality is known among ornithologists as the place with the most impressive concentration of pink flamingoes. The number of these rare birds is like a huge pink veil has covered the surface of the water pool.

Lake Nakuru is located in a national park in western Kenya. The place is 157 km. northwest of Nairobi, near the town of Nakuru. The 104 main road leads from the capital Nairobi to the entrance of the reserve. It is possible to move by plane from Airport Nayshi. The park is 188 sq. km.

About 400 species are having this beautiful place as their home. Along with the cormorants, blue kingfishers, pelicans, etc. slowly and quietly move hippos. Other types of inhabitants are the Impala and African marsh antelope.

Lake Nakuru flamingos, Kenya

The main purpose of the park is to preserve the huge flocks of small and large species of flamingo and maintain their populations. With this idea the place gets the status of a national reserve in 1968. Here is the only place where tens of thousands of the pink feathered birds live in harmony along the so-called Soda lake.

Between 1200-1800 meters is the altitude at which the grass pastures, wooded areas and steep ridges spread.

Here is where some rare species of white and black rhino. Persistent poaching some time ago has put the existence of their populations in question. But thanks to a special move by the environmentalists and park officials breeding is encouraged.

Best place where you can admire the beautiful pink bird is Babu Hill. And if you want to see flocks when their number is greatest, come during the period from October to April.



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