Fort Worth

Fort Worth

Fort Worth is a top tourist destination in Texas, USA. Annually approximately 5.5 million people visit Fort Worth.

Texas City is extremely popular with the cowboy culture and preserved traditions. Fort Worth is the gateway to the American West, as we know it from Western films. Part of the architecture of the city carries visitors into the past times of the Wild West.

Among the sights of the city is the Museum of Amon Carter. The building is home to many works of art dating from the 19th century until today. The museum is named after the renowned journalist and publisher Amon Carter.

Fort Worth, Texas

The Museum of Contemporary Art also attracts many visitors. Inside the building visitors can enjoy more than 3000 major works. The Museum of Science and history lets you learn interesting things about the development of the planet - from dinosaurs to diesel.

Fort Worth’s Sundance Square has the attractive Music Hall, named as one of the top ten opera halls in the world. The large-scale cultural center is a place for rehearsals and performance of both local opera compositions and the symphony orchestra and ballet of Texas. The architecture of the building is also magnificent.

Another area where local and visiting talents express is the Casa Mañana Theatre. The huge domed hall is known by the definition of "Hall of the future". On its stage are wielded several celebrities.

The building of the Tarrant County Courthouse is also among the best architectural features of Fort Worth.

Sundance Square is a place where you can find plenty of entertainment both day and night. In the area there are many hotels, restaurants, galleries, shops, bars, music clubs and cinemas. The complex is one of the busiest cities in Texas. It consists of 35 streets.

In Fort Worth you can enjoy a glass of fine wine, chic and contemporary dishes, or try a bison burger with a local beer. All this is possible only in the colorful Texas city.

In Fort Worth

Another destination for fun, which in the past had important business functions, is called the Stockyards. In the past, the open space was the second largest cattle market in the world. Today the area is cultivated and the complex has many attractions that recreate life in the Wild West, including the legendary rodeos. Each year Stockyards cowboy enthusiasts gather at the Red Steagall Cowboy Gathering and Frontier Forts Days. The complex is open daily from 11:30 to 16:00.

You would be surprised that in this city is probably the only National Cowgirl Museum.

Around Fort Worth and is the zoo of Texas City. Originally the home of a lion, two bears, alligator, coyote, peacock and a few rabbits, the park now cares for over 5000 animals.

Fort Worth's population is 727, 000 people. The town is built around the Trinity River. Fort Worth is named after U.S. Major General William Jenkins Worth.

Today, this Texas City is considered one of the fastest growing in the U.S. Nearby is the spectacular city of Austin.



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