Shanghai is one of the provinces of China, or rather one of four city-states. Located in the eastern part of the great Chinese Republic’s Yangtze River Delta, Shanghai is considered the largest city in the country. Some 18.45 million people (possibly even more) are living in Shanghai within an area of 6340 sq. km. The agglomeration of Shanghai beats Beijing and Tianjin in size. The very name of the Chinese town literally translates as "sea" and it is often called the city of the rising sun.

The history of Shanghai began as a small fishing town. By the early 20th century, it grew to an incredible size and became the most important cities in China. Shanghai is the center of popular culture, the disputes of the intelligent and political intrigue of the era of the Republic of China. Shanghai, at a time, even became the third largest financial center in the world after New York and London. It is the busiest commercial city in the Far East. After the advent of communism in 1949, Shanghai was experiencing hard times of heavy taxes to central government and lack of foreign capital.

After returning of the market economy policy by the Party in regards to Shanghai in 1992, the city again surpassed fast-growing cities like Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Today Shanghai is regarded as one of the engines of China's economy and finances. Evidence of progress and growth are the many skyscrapers and the modern lifestyle in the city. This "bright" image of Shanghai also has a downside, which is the polarization of the very poor and very rich. The problem of social inequality goes hand in hand with immigration.

Shanghai, China

Shanghai tours can last for days, even weeks. Among the hectic pace of modern city, park Tian Shan is an incredibly quiet, calm and peaceful place where you can escape from the urban buzz and clamor. Here the trees are so many that you even have a chance to think that you are in a forest. In the center of the park is a beautiful lake with a bridge over it, and everywhere in this "peaceful oasis" of Shanghai, one can see street singers and dance ensembles, mothers with children and pensioners who play the local version of checkers.

In the hyper- modern center of Shanghai is located Pudon, with its huge skyscrapers. Here you can climb the tower Jin Mao. The huge building has a height of 340 meters, and its visitors can climb right up with the modern and fast elevator. The interior of the tower features a sleek and modern design. In special mounted binoculars, that work for a minute after drop a coin, you can look down on all distinctive locations in Shanghai and generally enjoy the breathtaking view over the city.

The TV and radio tower in Shanghai is one of the best known city monuments, with its attractive and futuristic design. Be sure to visit the Oceanarium in Shanghai, which has functioned for 33 years. It covers an area of about 16 thousand square meters and was opened in 1977. It is listed among the largest water parks in the world. For years, it has been one of the most visited places in Shanghai. Only last year over 5 million visitors have gone there.

In 2005, however, Disneyland opened in Shanghai and put the Oceanarium under serious threat for its place as No. 1 attraction in Shanghai. Therefore, a large-scale reconstruction of recreational facilities is currently ongoing. It will take about 6 years and over $ 5, 5 billion. It is envisaged that it will be extended to an area 67 thousand square meters, and the attractions in it will increase to 70.



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