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Saint Lawrence River

Saint Lawrence River in Montreal

Saint Lawrence River connects the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean. Source of the river is the exit of Lake Ontario. Its length reaches some 3350 km before reaching New York and to flowing into the Atlantic. It carries current from Lake Saint-Louis south of Montreal.

Jacques Cartier was the first explorer at River St. Lawrence in Quebec, Canada. His name remains forever in the history of North American studies of the river St. Lawrence. Namely, it gives sufficient reason for France to bring its colonial claims to Canada. For the first time, Cartier, was trying to find its Northwestern flow, over to the Orient, for which it was thought that it is an alternative route, for Europeans to reach rich spices, gold and expensive goods in the lands of China and India.

His expeditions lead him to discover almost all of south and west coast of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and some of its northern coast. Then he joined the French crown in this part of Canada, and upon return brings with him two Indians from the tribe of Irocs to train them as interpreters in France.

Cartier opened the Ming Strait, separating the island Antikosti from the south of the Labrador Peninsula to the north, and on August 15th - River St. Lawrence to the mouth of the River Ottawa, which is its left tributary, the River Sageney also left tributary and hill Montreal.

Saint Lawrence River departs from the Great Lakes, crosses part of the Province of Ontario and goes around Quebec, along more than 1100 km and reaches the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Among the highlights of the river is the fact that her mouth is the biggest in the world. 25% of drinking water on the planet is sourced from the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence. It reaches a maximum depth of 550 meters.

Toronto from Saint Lawrence River

The name of Saint Lawrence, was given by Samuel de Champlain, who was the first governor of New France, and founder of Quebec. Along its course and tributaries, is concentrated 80% of the population of Quebec. After removal of the thresholds in Lachine, it becomes navigable in all its length and overseas ships can reach through it to Toronto. Quebec is located along the St. Lawrence.

A scenic route known as the King's Highway (Le Chemin du Roi), follows the river, passing through many towns that are a real architectural treasure. These include for example Neuville and Deschambault. Charlevoix is the area along the St. Lawrence, who inspires most with its beauty and many artists, actors and writers.

Right from Lake Ontario, the border between the U.S. and Canada, along the Saint Lawrence River, formed a water area where you can see how hundreds of beautiful islands line up one after another. The area is known as the thousand islands (1 865 in number). These small islands range from 0.09 sq.m. to 2.59 sq. km. One of them is the beautiful Bold Castle - built by the eponymous hotel mogul as a symbol of his unconditional love for his wife.



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