Castles in Japan

Online guide to all castles in Japan. List of fortifications, medieval castles and palaces in Japan. Tourist information and photos of castles in Japan. Take a look at the most beautiful castles in Japan.
Hikone CastleHikone Castle
13 Dec.
Inuyama CastleInuyama Castle
21 July
Osaka CastleOsaka Castle
13 Apr.
Nijo CastleNijo Castle
Nijo Castle is one of the historic sights of the old Japanese capital - Kyoto. The whole complex extends over an area of 275, 000 square meters and includes several cities and pavilions, as well as the two main buildings...
Kanazawa CastleKanazawa Castle
Kanazawa Castle is situated in the Japanese city of Kanazawa, who keeps the ancient culture and tradition of Japanese still alive and Castle Kanazawa is proof of that. Of course, the now mainly restored palace comple...
Shuri Castle in OkinawaShuri Castle in Okinawa
Shuri Castle is one of the symbols of the Japanese city of Okinawa. This beautiful Asian Palace is the largest in Okinawa, but the logical and the most remarkable and magnificent historic structure. Shuri Castle was buil...
Himeji Castle JapanHimeji Castle Japan
Himeji a known locality in Japan, remained the most impressive fortress in the country. The complex is located in Hyogo prefecture (Hyōgo Prefecture), northwest of Osaka city. This small town is famous for its broade...