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Himeji Castle Japan

Himeji Castle Japan

Himeji a known locality in Japan, remained the most impressive fortress in the country. The complex is located in Hyogo prefecture (Hyōgo Prefecture), northwest of Osaka city.

This small town is famous for its broader fortress, which in the period around 1500, was considered the largest castle in all of Asia.

Himeji Castle Japan

Himeji does not have its own airport. The nearest international airport is Kansai International Airport. From there to the ancient fortress you can take one of the bus lines which run eight times a day. You can land in Kobe and Osaka, where there is also a convenient shuttle service to Himeji.

The Palace Complex is known in Japan as Shirasagijo, which translated means white heron castle. Built in the early 17th century the castle was designed so that it reminds us of a bird spreading his wings in flight. The place was fortified early 14th century, but three centuries later by order of Ikeda Terumasa they built an impressive fortress. Like every one in Japan, the fortress was surrounded by a moat, after which followed the massive defensive walls. On the four corners are built watchtowers. They reached the central five floors. The only parts remaining from the original building are the so called outside corridor - cosmetic tower.

Until you reach the inside of the castle, you will pass along the path that passes along small towers, walls and massive wooden gates. The central tower can be seen from a small courtyard, where the samurai of the feudal lord performed ritual killings called seppukku. In the southern part of the yard is well located and is believed to have been the home of ghosts. The central tower is five storeys, secured by massive wooden columns. All tourists who come here never fail to go to the top of the tower where the view is really impressive.

Besides the main palace, Himeji is particularly interesting to visitors for the Engyoji temple complex, inland sea, historical museum of Hyogo Prefecture and the Literary Museum.



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