Castles in Switzerland

Online guide to all castles in Switzerland. List of fortifications, medieval castles and palaces in Switzerland. Tourist information and photos of castles in Switzerland. Take a look at the most beautiful castles in Switzerland.
Thun CastleThun Castle
19 Sept.
Gruyere CastleGruyere Castle
01 Apr.
Lenzburg CastleLenzburg Castle
Lenzburg Castle is one of the largest and most important castles in Switzerland. Today it houses the Historical museum of Aargau, which offers centuries of history of the castle and the area in one easy to assimilate and...
Aigle CastleAigle Castle
Aigle Castle is considered one of the most interesting and important fortress fortifications left over from the Middle Ages in the territory of Switzerland. Besides its important historical significance, Aigle Castle boa...
Munot Fortress in SchaffhausenMunot Fortress in Schaffhausen
Munot Fortress is an impressive Renaissance castle, which in nearly 400 years is considered a symbol and the pride of the town of Schaffhausen. Schaffhausen is a quiet old town in Switzerland and is located west of Lake ...
Kyburg CastleKyburg Castle
Kyburg Castle is an excellent example of a medieval castle in Switzerland. Kyburg is located in northern Switzerland and dominates the surrounding area from its high hill. In the lower parts remain there is the river ...
Chillon CastleChillon Castle
Castle Chillon is a unique medieval castle located in Switzerland. The name of this palace comes from French and is often called Chateau de Chillon. The medieval castle is beautifully situated on the shore of Lake Geneva...