Aigle Castle

Aigle Castle

Aigle Castle is considered one of the most interesting and important fortress fortifications left over from the Middle Ages in the territory of Switzerland. Besides its important historical significance, Aigle Castle boasts of incredible beauty. The land also boasts its fertile properties, as this is a great wine region. Wines Produces near Aigle are among the best that Switzerland have marketed.

Aigle Palace dominates the Swiss town of the same name, which is located in canton of Vaud. In a literal translation from French Aigle, means eagle. The town with the beautiful castle is situated near Montreau, which is only 13 km in a north westerly direction. Aigle occupies the eastern part of the local Rhone valley, at the foot of the Swiss Alps.

Aigle Castle is not as massive as the large castle Chillon, which is located nearby, but looks are in no way inferior to his older "relative". Aigle is really a very beautiful palace. The current palace was built in its protocol as a fortress, which had the task to defend the entrance of the local valley against enemy invasions.

Many believe that the surrounding mountain scenery around the palace and the city Aigle is one of the most fascinating in the whole of Switzerland. Amid this natural beauty during the 12th century appeared Aigle Castle and its towers which dominate above all other buildings. The palace to add, was also built on square bases. From the beautiful terraces of castle Aigle are the views of the city and valley.

Aigle Palace was the official residence of the provincial Bernese. After this period, the courtly complex became operational as the county jail. Today, beyond the stone walls of Aigle is an interesting museum of viticulture and wine, which is located above the pleasant restaurant.



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