Castle Montalban

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Castle Montalban is an amazing medieval fortress, which is an architectural jewel not only for the area in which it is situated, but also all over Spain. Fortress Montalban or rather its ruins, have still managed to keep in pretty good condition and is located near the town of San Martin de Montalban, which is located in the Spanish region Toledo. This historical town in Spain has managed to preserve the heritage of five centuries of civilizations, prehistoric, Celtic, Roman, Arab, and what was bequeathed by the Visigoths.

The Spanish town is a popular favorite destination and an excellent place for rural tourism. Most attractions in the region of San Martin de Montalban is the Montalban medieval castle which has stood in this place for more than 800-900 years. Castle Montalban in the form in which it reached today was built by the Knights Templar in the early 12th century on the ruins of an Arab fortress, located along the river Torcon and is very close to Puebla of Montalban.

Castle Montalban

The Knights Templar arrived in the Spanish territory somewhere around 1197 and then immediately began building the fortress Montalban, whose main purpose was to protect a stranger land. The massive pentagonal towers were erected by the Templar to provide excellent protection thanks to the far vision it enabled.

The Knights Templar began building Montalban with the permission of the ruler, Alfonso VII. Montalban was a massive fortress and was surrounded by the north east and the deep trough and strong Torcon River. This convenient location allows the castle of these directions not to build firewalls to secure the fortress. Defensive walls were built on the front of the castle, which is on the south and eastern part of the Montalban area.

The fortress has four observation towers, two of which were basic, built in a square shape and were situated at the edges of Montalban. The other two towers were built in a pentagonal shape and stand outside the castle.

To walk around the Montalban is a very pleasant experience. Inside you can visit dungeons and some of the rooms reserved in the towers. Montalban works throughout the year with the exception of the period from 1st February to 30th May.

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