Caerlaverock Castle

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Caerlaverock Castle

Caerlaverock Castle is one of the most attractive and interesting castles in Scotland. Unfortunately now it has sunk in ruins, but that does not prevent the feeling of the greatness of past historical eras. Towering in the middle of a picturesque lake on a green area of thousands of acres of forest in southern Scotland, Caerlaverock Castle is very close to the coast Solway and stands about 7 miles southeast of Dumfries.

With its triangular shape and solid defenses Caerlaverock Castle is one of the best examples of medieval architecture across Scotland. Surrounded by thick woods and willows, the palace is difficult to see. It was built to control the entrance of Southwest Scotland somewhere around 1277, and its double moat makes it quite difficult to capture the fortress.

The Caerlaverock Castle can be entered through a drop down bridge that leads over the two massive towers reaching 26 feet in diameter. The high fence wall thickness of 2 m surrounding the entire palace complex connects the front and the rear towers. The moat is still filled with water. In 1300 Caerlaverock Castle was besieged by Edward I during his war against the Scottish king John. This war remains forever in the history of courageous resistance of Sir William Wallace.

The unique triangular shape of the massive fortress and defenses and provoked by the British the castle is described as so strong that it seems impregnable. The Caerlaverock Castle was shielded with three observation towers at each corner. The fortress was built to put some finishing touches to the most subtle details to be almost the perfect military fortification.

However, further history of Caerlaverock Castle gives pretty heavy moments. During the war between England and Scotland, around 1603 Robert Maxwell had the castle and made a lot of improvements to its structure. It takes time for the luxury three-storey residential premises. On the south side of the castle he added a new hall with additional apartments. Doors and windows of the new buildings were decorated in classic Renaissance style. Most of them were decorated with heraldic stone ornaments that are associated with the Maxwell family.

Today, Castle Caerlaverock enjoys wide popularity among visitors. For their convenience there is a tourist center, which offers a playground, where the youngest guests of the castle can have fun. Moreover Caerlaverock is a favorite place for weddings.

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