Wolfsburg Castle

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The German city of Wolfsburg is famous for its vechicles especially as the town of Volkswagen. Wolfsburg, however, has an interesting castle that is magnetic to visitors from around the world. Wolfsburg Castle stands in the town itself, located in the eastern part of Lower Saxony. In this central part of Northern Germany crosses the river Aller, whose bank is itself the castle Wolfsburg.

The castle is surrounded by beautiful gardens and town houses turned into museums. Although small in comparison with other German castles Wolfsburg has its own unique charm and is a hidden gem. The castle was built during the Renaissance, about 1575, and today it houses major art exhibitions.

Wolfsburg Castle

Wolfsburg was built as a family possession of the noble family von Bartensleben. After the death of the last heir of the family, the castle passed into the possession of the Counts Grafen von der Schulenburg.

In the 17th century, castle Wolfsburg was a massive rectangular building surrounding a large courtyard. The four wings of the mansion were named to the winds. The entrance arch of Wolfsburg was decorated with massive stone statues of knights. Above the portal there is a stone shield with Military Bartensleben decorated with knight figures.

The portal is complemented by a terrace with two staircases, built in the 19th century, which lead to the internal courtyard park. The tower is 23 meters in height and the thickness of walls up to 3 meters. It is believed that this tower is the oldest part of Wolfsburg , dating from the 13th century.

In addition there are three towers, the tallest of which reaches a significant 30 meters. All three towers are from somewhere around the 16th centurie when the castle was transformed into a true castle. Through the staircases connect the various floors. Quite impressive is the garden of Wolfsburg , whose architecture was arranged in the 17th century.

Today the castle functions as a cultural center with houses surrounding it which have now been turned into museums.

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