Molina Castle - Molina de Aragon

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Molina Castle - Molina de Aragon

Molina Castle is an impressive medieval fortress, with a very powerful presence and a common view. While immersed in the ruins Molina recalls its greatness, especially if you look at the distance and capture its scale of fence walls. Today the fortress, known as Molina de Aragon is one of the biggest and most interesting medieval buildings that have managed to be preserved to the present day.

Molina Castle is located in the town, located in the eastern province of Guadalajara Spain. Since ancient times the fortified building was erected on a low hill, which till this day still stands the medieval fortress Molina. The location is strategic, but the fertile soil in the area and the proximity of the river Gallo are prerequisites for early settlement of the area.

Data for the predecessor of the current Molina suggest that the castle was built in the 10th and 11th century by the Moors. The city shaped by Molina de Aragon became the capital of the province.

In 1129 the castle was conquered by King Alfonso I the Fighter. Molina became the subject of a territorial dispute between the kingdom Aragon and Castile because of the strategic location of the Castle Molina of which at that time was located in an inhospitable area. Winner of the dispute was Castile.

In the 12th and 13th century Molina and the population of the fortress were favorable for years, as the castle enjoys the relative autonomy. At that time the castle was actually kknown as, Molina de los Caballeros. The residents of the fortification feverishly worked to strengthen Molina, as they reinforced the walls and towers which ultimately led it to the form in which it maintains to this day.

It had been gradually strengthened with walls and towers until they saw the desired look. In the 14th century, fortress Molina became an arena for the uprising of its citizens who fought for their independence. During this time period of 6 years the castle was in the hands of the Kingdom of Aragon. In the following centuries Molina remained almost intact, while in the 19th century it was empty and without any function.

Molina castle is a typical medieval castle with dimensions of 80x40, indicating that it served only as a fighting castle. There in those centuries was a prison, palace kitchens, guardhouse and several military buildings. Outside the walls of the castle, up the hill, lies a special building called the Tower of Aragon which served as a watch and was by nature actually inside the castle. The Tower of Aragon was linked to the castle Molina through a tunnel which can still be seen today.

Molina Castle - Molina de Aragon ,