Valdecorneja Castle - El Barco de Avila

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El Barco de Avila Castle

Valdecorneja Castle or also known as Castle el Barco de Avila, is located in the southwest corner of the Spanish province of Avila. This territory is where the region borders with three different municipalities in three provinces - Salamanca in the province of Castile and Leon, in Toledo in Castilla La Mancha and with Cáceres in Extremadura.

The land and landscape around the castle El Barco is locally called El Barco de Avila and is distinguished by its exceptional beauty which is mainly due to the River Tormes passing through the area.

El Barco medieval castle was for centuries the scene of a devastating series of battles, each of which leaves a mark on both the structure of the castle. Fortunately the castle has endured several restorations over the years as a result of which it is now a fairly well-preserved fortress in Spain.

Valdecorneja Castle was built on a square architectural plan with every corner standing a watchtower. The main watchtower is located in the middle of the west wall of the fortress as it overlooks the main entrance. It is connected with the other towers by footpaths. Some parts of the walls have open arches and windows that are highlighted in the Gothic style. Among the original parts from the original structure of El Barco that have survived to this day is the ‘Port on the gallows’ where ones death sentence was performed.

There is no specific data of exactly when the castle was erected, but its architecture can be judged that the current structure corresponds to the styles of late 15th century. What is certain is that the medieval building was erected on the foundations of a much earlier fortress.

Today the castle El Barco is a quiet place to go for a walk as it is surrounded by the typical rural landscapes and beautiful scenery.

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