Consuegra Castle

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Consuegra Castle

Consuegra Castle is located in the village of the same name, which is located in the province of Toledo in Spain. Consuegra Castle and town of the same name are located only 60 km from Toledo. This part of Spain is known for its many windmills.

It is Consuegra that has the most typical examples of these windmills. Several of them are located a few miles from the town, and stay on the picturesque hills. They are open and offer fabulous views of the medieval castle Consuegra.

The history of the fortress Consuegra began during the Normans, when the then-fort was the scene of many clashes between the caliphates of Toledo and Cordoba. Somewhere between 1085 and 1090 castle Consuegra fell into the hands of the Christian King Alfonso VI.

It is unclear whether he had conquered or received it as part of his dowry. A little later the fortress was conquered again by the Moors, but in 1147 Alfonso VII regained ownership of the property.

In 1183, Alfonso VIII gave Consuegra Castle to the Military Order of the Knights Hospitaller, who turned it into a hospital. The Prince gave the order right of use for ten years in return for which the knights must reinforce the defensive defense of the fortress. So Hospitaller changed the structure of Consuegra so that the Mauritanian structure has no trace. During the management of the knights, the castle became their chief and military headquarters.

The fortress consists of three major buildings with irregular shapes, which are protected by fortified walls and several round towers. Inside the fortress Consuegra is a complex maze of gates, walkways, stairs and rooms that were built with the main maximum hinder entry into the castle of possible offenders.

Today the castle Consuegra is open to anyone who wishes to consider its romantic ruins worth a visit. On top of which stands the medieval fortress, a magnificent view of the surrounding lands are offered. The panorama of castle Consuegra is well known for the background of windmills which are depicted on many postcards and tourist materials for the region.

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