Tjolöholm Castle

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Tjolöholm Castle is located in the southwestern Swedish province of Holland and is one of the architectural masterpieces in the country. Castle Tjoloholm is located about 40 km south of Gothenburg, while it is close to the Kungsbacka fjord.

Tjolöholm Castle is one of Sweden's leading places where arts and crafts are of a wide scale.

Tjolöholm Castle

What is distinctive about the Tjolöholm Castle is that it is refined for its design and luxurious interior.To this whole class of aristocratic palace atmosphere has been added the beautifully arranged park, which surrounds this incredible castle. The exquisite harmony of Tjoloholm is complemented by the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful coastline, a swim outdoors or a walk along the palace complex.

The construction of the luxury Tjolöholm was completed in 1904 and since then has become one of the most incredible and fascinating buildings in Sweden. The architect of the palace was, Lars Israel Wahlman, which decided to build the building in the Tudor style. Tjolöholm Castle was erected by order of James Fredrik Dickson, who was an employee of the merchant navy and his wife Blanche.

Even then the Tjolöholm Castle boasts of class and an luxurious atmosphere that reigns everywhere - from the inner halls to outdoor gardens. The lavish comforts of the palace were stunning for its time - it offers one of the first vacuum cleaners, which weighed almost a ton. Furthermore, guests of Tjolöholm Castle were able to hear fine music while in the shower.

Visits to the Swedish palace are only possible during the summer months when visitors can enjoy the splendid interiors in most of the total 36 rooms and halls. If you are lucky, while touring around the beautiful castle, you may encounter the castles owner - Mrs Blanche Dickson or her daughter - Countess Bonde.

The Tjolöholm Castle offers overnight, weekend or a week stay. A reservation can provide you with an indescribable experience offering you romantic arranged flowers, fruit, chocolate and champagne.

Guests staying at this small wooden cottages with fireplace and spectacular views of the surrounding coastal landscape can also celebrate their wedding at the castle.

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