Dunrobin Castle

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Dunrobin Castle

Dunrobin Castle is a magical medieval castle with a pronounced influence of French architecture. The current owner Lord Strathnaver welcomes his guests warmly, promising a warm welcome and unforgettable stay in the home of his ancestors from 700 years onwards.

Dunrobin Castle today shines in all its splendor and offers the opportunity to stay in the authentic luxury rooms and to enjoy the wonderful service and beautiful views. Dunrobin Castle with its beautiful parks and gardens is located in Sutherland, in the Scottish Highlands.

The magnificent mansion is situated 50 miles north of Inverness from the A9 road and about a mile and a half north of Golspie. The complex of Dunrobin has a comfortable parking area, offering 200 places and there are souvenir shops at the castle where guests can choose among a wide range of gifts and products of local crafts - including hats, scarves, bags, toiletries and postcards.

Dunrobin offers the convenience of the Tea rooms where you can taste the great culinary delights. You can choose whether to pour a cup of homemade soup or to get fresh made sandwiches. Be sure to try the delicious and healthy warm food or the domestic tempting cakes and pastries and various types of delicious ice cream.

The history of Dunrobin Castle began in the Middle Ages. Around 1211 the estate had the status of the House of Lord of Duffus. The Earl of Sutherland was established in 1211 by the family's eldest son William, and in 1401 the castle Dunrobin already had been mentioned as the residence of the Counts.

Overall the broadcast of the medieval castle was maintained until Sir Charles Barry, who is an architect of the Palace of Westminster in London, renovated the building in 1845 making it the arts masterpiece of Renaissance architecture. The work of Barry today shows that Dunrobin is an incredible mix of the French Renaissance style and flamboyant manner of the Scottish architecture.

With its size and history Dunrobin Castle is considered one of the oldest and most beautiful houses in this part of Scotland. It is complete with 189 rooms which automatically makes it the largest castle in the Scottish Highlands. The French influence in Dunrobin can be seen not only in the pyramidal roof over the main entrance, but in the excellent style arrangement of the beautiful gardens. The park around the castle was officially completed in 1850 and was inspired by the beauty of the gardens in the French Versailles.

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