Barnard Castle

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Barnard is a historic city and thriving market, which was formed over time around the fortress Barnard. Barnard Castle and the market place around it are located in the northeast of England in County Durham, known as the land of princes and bishops.

With its nearly 10-century history Castle Barnard is now under the auspices of the Organization and the Protection of English Heritage and is open for public visits.

Barnard Castle

Barnard Castle dominates the canyon and the River Tees and is located about 34 miles from Durham itself, 55 km southwest of Newcastle upon Tyne and 48 km west of Middlesbrough.

The nearest cities by Barnard are Bishop Auckland in the north east, Darlington to the east and Richmond in the southeast.

Barnard Castle and the village belonging to it are declared as one of the 50 most important historical and architectural cities in the UK. The height of the hill which is home to the castle Barnard provides a splendid view of the gorge of the River Tees, while the medieval palace is surrounded by romantic ruins which in turn are surrounded by beautiful and fragrant flower gardens.

In Barnard, visitors can find some of the best antique shops in northern England and in the city the Bowes Museum is located, which offers an unrivaled collection of objects of European art, dating from 15th to 19th century.

In the area of Barnard Castle, above the River Tees rises a beautiful old bridge which was erected at this location around 1569. The whole area is heir to an ancient Roman settlement, remains of which still can be seen in many places.

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