Bande Amir

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Bande Amir

Bande Amir is the name of the group of stunningly beautiful lakes in eastern Afghanistan. They sit high in the Hindu Kush mountains, at an altitude of 2900 meters. The lakes are six, and in 2008 were declared the country's first national park.

These mountain water basins are in a very remote and desolate area, the nearest location here is the city Bamiyan, located about 75 km away. The most appropriate way to reach the lakes is renting a minivan. With it you reach Yakawlang, followed by a grueling three-hour walk.

If you do not have enough water, do not head to the emerald lakes. The weather is extremely hot and sunny. The private vans that transport tourists to the park stop everywhere, where customers want to walk or take photographs.

Once you abandon the car and continue walking, you are still able to rent a donkey or mule for the difficult tour.

The best time to visit the extraordinary beautiful Bande Amir is around October, and at dusk or dawn, when the reflective views of crystal water in the mountains are breathtaking. The blue color of the water is due to the high content of potassium salts in it. The contrast with the yellow-orange surrounding valley is unforgettable.

These natural wonders in Afghanistan were formed by the waters of the highest lake. While soil and rocky terrain are not conducive to animal and plant life here, around the watersheds sometimes goats, wild sheep, wolves, deer and rabbits can be found. In the waters of the lakes there are many fish such as the Big yellow fish, called by locals, Chush.

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