World's Most Beautiful Mountains

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Mount NemrutMount Nemrut
07 Jan.
Rosi Trifonova
Parinacota VolcanoParinacota Volcano
05 Jan.
Nina 2
05 Jan.
Nina 2
Mount RainierMount Rainier
There are two things that are possible to connect the mountain and Mount Rainier. One is that Reiner is a potentially active volcano feed and the second is related to the paranormal. Reiner has long been known as a place...
Mount Cook - AorakiMount Cook - Aoraki
Mount Cook, or as is known - Aoraki is the highest peak in New Zealand. It rises to 3754 m altitude in the southern Alps. Mount Cook is a favorite destination for climbers, but one needs serious training and experience t...
Ama DablamAma Dablam
Mount Ama Dablam is located in the [Himalayas] and rises to 6812 m altitude. Ama Dablam is regarded as one of the most impressive peaks in the world. It is not that high, but it is amazingly beautiful. The Nepali name tr...
Mount TeideMount Teide
Mount Teide is the highest point on the Spanish island of Tenerife and rises to 3718 m altitude. Mount Teide is an impressive volcano. The volcano is a popular tourist destination for lovers of volcanoes and climbing fro...
Painted DesertPainted Desert
Along the [Colorado River] in the United States is a unique area known as the Painted Desert. This interesting rock area is located southeast of the [Grand Canyon] and is part of the national park "Petrified Forest". ...
Mount Fitz RoyMount Fitz Roy
Mount Fitz Roy is one of the exciting views of the diverse and rich natural area of Patagonia. Located in southern Argentina, Fitz Roy has a snow caps mountain challenge for very experienced climbers and adventurists fro...
Mount ShastaMount Shasta
Mount Shasta is an important symbol of a relatively new religious movement in the last few decades - a New age, whose cults believe Mount Shasta one of the most sacred places in the world because it is a source of peace ...
Grossglockner is the highest mountain in the Alps and the highest mountain in Austria. Grossglockner mountain is located within the National Park Hohe Tauern, which is the second largest national park in Europe. Furtherm...
Mount EtnaMount Etna
Mount Etna and its natural surroundings are unique in nature. This is still "breathing" crater is the oldest across Europe, with its height of 3323 meters above sea level, it is the highest volcano in Europe. The very...
Ben NevisBen Nevis1
Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in England and across the UK. This peak reaches only 1343 meters and is not the highest in Europe, but mountain climbing here is one of the biggest challenges for climbers and mountainee...
Mount EigerMount Eiger
Majestic views of Mount Eiger awaken emotions in the heart of any avid climber, unparalleled by anything else. Although not very high (almost 3970 m), Eiger is a challenge for many climbers. Ascent is not difficult, but ...