Karlstejn Castle

Karlstejn Castle

Karlstejn Palace is the second most popular tourist attraction and landmark in the Czech Republic with regard to the fortified medieval fortifications. Located less than 30 km southwest of the capital Prague this breathtaking castle overlooks the hills above the village Karlstejn which is located in the Czech region of Bohemia.

The best way to get there is by train because there is no public transport to take you to the village. Most trains travel regularly throughout the day taking no more than 45 minutes from the capital. It is recommended that you do not miss this experience as the view of the hills swallowed up by Karlstejn Palace is truly magical.

The journey itself is no less of an experience than that to the grandeur of the castle itself. The road of which is 20 to 30 minutes walk up the hill leads you to a magnificent panorama look of the area. Many visitors here have turned it into a real village resort, and tourists have now built several lovely hotels, souvenirs and gift shops and pretty good restaurants.

King Charles IV built this medieval castle between 1348 to 1357 in order to protect the crown jewels and the Holy Roman Empire. Although the castle Karlstejn has changed over the years, various additions have been upgraded like the stairs and bridges, and then later they were removed to restore the palace to its original medieval appearance.

Karlstejn castle in Prague

During those centuries, that the royal jewels and treasures of the palace were located here it attached the importance of a high reputation of a palatial headquarters.

Today some of the most spectacular and beautiful rooms in the castle Karlstejn are closed because of a vandal robbery earlier, but the expense, are no less impressive than its external side. Unfortunately, many of the more interesting rooms that are restored in the original forms are not available for open visits all the time and are only open for special guests.



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Comments (1)

23.09.2010 21:43
I went to this castle 2 years ago and toured in side, this was the most wonderfull day trip ever.

The castle was great the views were breath-taking, we had the best time. i would say if you go to Prague, dont miss going to this castle!

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