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Marienburg Castle

Marienburg Castle

Marienburg Castle is a unique palace complex, which is located in the Polish city of Malbork. Located in an remote area of the southeastern bank of the river Nogat, which is a tributary of the Vistula river. The castle from the capital, Warsaw is situated about 250 km and only about 50 km from the medieval city of Gdansk, which is another unique brick temple, "the Church of Our Lady".

Marienburg is the former headquarters of the Grand Master of the Teutonic knights, who in 1309 is placed in it. The complex has existed since 1276 during the time the Teutonic monks were here, it was the favorable location of the castle and also facilitates the passage of many barges and commercial ships that pass in the Vistula, having come from the Baltic Sea. Most of the fortresses along the Vistula and Nogat charge for crossing the rivers. Marienburg , which is located in the relatively flat country, is also not an exception.

Marienburg Castle Malbork

In the years of World War II, Marienburg castle houses a prisoner of war camp which stalagmites from the XX century, leading to extensive damage throughout the building. A little later the principal came back when the restoration today took place allowing the brilliance of this beautiful palace building.

Main Marienburg castle is divided into three parts. The oldest of them include the big and tall rectangular castle with a courtyard with colonnades. In this garden is the Church of St. Mary, the building of the cathedral council, dining room and the treasury. The main castle remains second in the 14th century; it houses the Palace of Grand Master, Knight and the Great Hall dining room. In the lower castle today you can see the church of St. Lawrence.

Malbork Castle in Poland

It is best to visit Marienburg during the summer months, because they have hold the spectacular show "Sound and Light". The tour of Marienburg itself necessarily must include a visit to the exhibitions of various medieval objects, coins, tapestries, weapons, forged tools, and the valuable art collection of amber.



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