Bamburgh Castle

Castle of Bamburgh

The majestic castle Bamburgh is located off the coast of the North Sea. This impressive fortified structure rises to a hilly coastline in the northern English region of Northumberland.

The first written evidence of Bamburgh dates from 5th - 6th century. It was built on the naked basalt rock and initially served as a stronghold of the local Brits. It was later conquered by the Anglo-Saxon Earl and became his headquarters.

Bamburgh presents dimensions that are set by the Normandy. It is assumed that the dangerous castle wall was built by Henry II. In those centuries the castle was a key defensive post in England and was often subject to attacks of the Scots.

Bamburgh Castle

Over the centuries, as a result of various invasions Bamburgh castle suffered major damage, but in the 18th and 19th century was bought by the Victorian industrialist William Armstrong, who restored a large part of the impressive castle.

Bamburgh castle today is an archaeological site of laborious activities. Since 1960 several teams have worked to enrich the information on the past of the castle and the area around it. In the middle of last century, Dr. Hope Taylor opened an important archaeological find known as the Golden Sword.

Today, beyond the fortress walls of Bamburgh there are different locations to ensure the comfort and pleasantness for the thousands of tourists who go to visit there. In the clock tower of the castle there is a great cafe, which holds a beautiful view. Try not to miss this place for prepared dishes and snacks.

For decades in the Royal Hall of Bamburgh they have and still hold weddings and wedding ceremonies. This service is available to all couples who want to be married in a royal setting, beyond the old walls of the palace.



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