Azay le Rideau

Azay le Rideau

Azay le Rideau is a small, charming and romantic castle, situated in the valley of the River Loire in France. This unique revival building stands at the place where the road from Tours to Shinon crosses the river Indre, the tributary of the Loire. From there, Paris is the capital being a little over 100 km to the southwest.

The village has about 3 thousand inhabitants and was named after Senor Riedel or Rido d'Azay. The early medieval fortified castle is between two branches of the river in the middle of what was originally built only a watch tower. In the centuries of the long history of the castle there are many tragic stories. The most unfortunate case was in 1418 when Charles VII, was offended by the garrison.

Revenge followed immediately and the castle was attacked, conquered and overthrown. The commandant and his 350 guards were executed on the spot. Azay le Rideau later recovered from the ashes and is owned by financier Gilles Barthe.

The current building is charming and was built between 1518 and 1529. The wife of the financier Philip Lesbay leads the works, Katherine Brikone Shenonso. The castle is composed of two bodies at right angles.

The beautiful landscape essentially combines of two colors, blue water and green willows. Azay le Rideau became one of the most beautiful pearls of the Renaissance. The castle, regardless of its Gothic silhouette is modern and convenient for living. The accessories are for feudal protection and are only to highlight the highest rank of their owners. The severe defense towers have become harmless towers with graceful lines, jagged holes, small windows that end facades and defensive ditches.

From mid May to the last weekend of September in Azay le Rideau you can see the spectacle "Sound and Light". Visitors walk along dressed in Renaissance costumes. Hidden guns spread sparkling rays in the water surface.

Azay le Rideau is one of the most successful examples of Italian architecture in the French region Toure. Some believe that this small romantic palace is one of the most beautiful in the valley of the Loire. The whole castle features an unmatched elegance, relaxed atmosphere and authenticity in everything.



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