Maltnoma Falls

Maltnoma Falls

Waterfall Multnomah also known as, Multnomah Falls offers a fascinating view which must be seen if possible. The incredibly beautiful waterfall Multnomah with its bridge built in the middle makes it the second waterfall in the United States of America.

Each year around two million visitors go near Multnomah to see the spectacular view of the falling water. Multnomah was formed by underground springs in the Larch Mountain, which means that all year round the water flow is strong

Maltnoma Falls

Waterfall Multnomah is actually formed within the U.S. state of Oregon, on a highway along the Columbia River Gorge. Multnomah Falls is considered the highest waterfall in this part of the country, its overall height is measured at 189 meters. The average width of the upper waterfall is about 3 meters.

Multnomah Falls is a beautiful natural phenomenon composed of two parts. The upper waterfall runs down to 165 meters, but the lower part of Multnomah has lowered water currents running from a height 21 meters.

An attractive option for visitors of the waterfall Multnomah is to take a walk along the path leading to the bridge called, Benson Footbridge. It is built about 32 meters from the lowest cascade of Multnomah and has a length of about 14 meters. It is named after its builder, Simon Benson, who decided to build this part of the sponsorship for the tourists of Multnomah back in 1914.

After the bridge the route continues to the upper platform of Multnomah where you can get a beautiful view of the river gorge to Colombia and a small cascade in the higher parts of Multnomah which can not be seen from the base of the natural attraction.

Multnomah Falls is included in the national register of historic places in the U.S. in the country. If you prefer not to go on the highway of the River Columbia to Multnomah you can easily reach it by Interstate 84 East.

That way you have a good chance to stop at the specially built visitor center of the Multnomah Falls where you can get directions and learn more about the historical development of this ancient and incredibly beautiful waterfall.



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