Mcway Falls

Mcway Falls

Mcway Falls is not impressive in size, pageantry and power, but at the expense of this, is one of the most romantic and beautiful waterfalls that can be seen on our planet.

Mcway Falls is unique mostly because of its incredible location, the water falls from the height of the coastal rocks and flows directly into the ocean. Mcway Falls was formed on a brilliant and beautiful bay, which adds romance to the whole panorama.

Mcway Falls

Mcway Falls is within the National Park of Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, which is California's Monterey District. In addition to this waterfall another waterfall is located close to the ocean and can be called a seasonal waterfall. The entire park of Julia Pfeiffer Burns is located on 3762 acres of land. The Mcway Falls can be reached easily on Highway 1.

This unique natural site is only 38 miles from the city of Carmel and is about 20 miles north of San Simeon village. Although one of the last places of its size, waterfall McWay must been seen. It was formed by the flows of the small river that reaches the final coastal cliffs.

As a result of the waterfall, over time are formed the beautiful sandy beaches. Unfortunately visitors are not allowed to go down below to them as the rock formations there are loose as a result of erosion. The small bay of Mcway can be reached by boat, but again it is not advisable for visitors to walk along the beach because there is a danger of collapsing rocks.

Waterfall McWay reaches a height of 80 feet. If it is viewed from its very basis of the sandy beach, McWay would lose much of its magic and mystique. One plus for the waterfall is that it retains its flow throughout the year, which means that all year round the beauty of the view is guaranteed.

In fact, the waters of the little river, which forms McWay comes from the underground springs. That is why even in the land, under the water fall in the small and beautiful bay has not abated and remains a constant.

The path that leads to the upper Mcway Falls continues to reveal the Old stone building called, House of the waterfall, which is owned by Helen Hooper Brown from back in 1940.

Not much of the building stands as it has mostly sunk in ruins, but its height reveals incredibly beautiful views of the coastline.



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