Scotney Castle

Castle of Scotney

The charming Scotney Castle is a unique Victorian private home, with beautiful romantic gardens and an equally nice park adjacent to the gardens. These incredible gardens are situated on 770 acres and are considered the most romantic across England.

Scotney Castle is located in the picturesque Bewl valley in Kent. From there heading in the direction of east is the city Lamberhurst.

The old fort stands separated from the lovely lake on the island, situated in the middle. The gardens that are visited each year by thousands of tourists are located along the lake.


If you visit this place you will have the pleasure to enjoy the smells of the mixed selection of colorful flowers which bloom mainly in spring. Summer time they are replaced by colorful flowers such as roses and of course others.

To visit this romantic garden in autumn is also not to be missed because of the iridescent shades of red, yellow, orange and browns really do make an evocative picture.

At the top of the garden is situated the house that was built to replace the old fort in the period between 1835 and 1843 and is often called the new palace Scotney. Its architect and designer is Anthony Salvin. He is a follower of the earlier architectural styles and during the 19th century tried to revive the Tudor style building in England.

Scotney Castle has a tower in each corner of the surrounding wall - the main observatory and three smaller towers. The construction of the castle took place between 1378-1380, but the building was there much earlier, around 1137 when the property was owned by Scott Lambert.

The catholic family of Darrell had the possession of the property from about 350 onwards. In 1580 was built the southern wing of the Scotney Castle, and around 1640 was built the three storey building in the eastern oval.

Scotney Castle

Sometimes, the castle has played in Shakespeare plays, such as, "Midsummer Night's Dream".



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