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Aragonese Castle

Aragonese Castle

The panorama of Aragonese Castle is something that can only inspire respect and admiration for what was built centuries ago. The beautiful castle Aragonés or also known as, Aragones Castle, is perched on a small island and is the biggest attraction of the Italian countryside Ischia, which is located in the Campania region.

Indeed Ishia is a volcanic island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, which sits close to the mainland at the northern end of the Gulf of Naples. Aragones Castle stands on a small cliff near the island. To get there you need to go by boat from Capri which will take you only 30 minutes.

Aragonese Castle

The history of Aragonese castle started one million years ago. It is believed that the original building there was from 474 BC and was erected by a local hero of Syracuse. The area of Ishia does not show a special achievement of a prosperous and rich area. This, however, radically changed somewhere in the 14th century. The current Aragonese was built of volcanic rock that is connected to the mainland somewhere in 1438 by Alfonso of Aragon, whose name bears the palace itself.

During the Dynasty of Aragonese in the 15th century this unique place, surrounded by sea waves was becoming an important local political, cultural and spiritual center of regional interest. During the Renaissance the history of the castle Aragonese includes the noble poet - Vittoria Colonna, who was a very close friend of Michelangelo.

Vittoria resided in Aragonese in the years when it experienced its greatest expansion and prosperity and in the beginning of its decline which lasted more than a century. Today the castle Aragonese has become a small family run hotel that offers its guests all the luxuries and amenities.

A wonderful holiday in this medieval atmosphere is guaranteed. The castle is riched with beautiful gardens in the courtyard, the small chapel, very interesting interior, fabulous terraces with arcades, spectacular views of the harbor Ishia, first class service and many extra amenities that will make you relax in this unforgettable Mediterranean atmosphere.

Aragonese Castle offers 3 apartments to rent which have all been decorated in an authentic style and offer stunning sea views. Aragonese can offer up to 40 sleeping berths, as there quite often, various celebrations and weddings are carried out.



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