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Maus Castle - Burg Maus - Thurnberg

Maus Castle - Burg Maus - Thurnberg

Maus Castle (Burg Maus) is a medieval jewel, which you can see along with other historical palaces along the picturesque River Rhine. Maus Castle is considered an architectural point of one of the finest fortified buildings on the Rhine. This interesting castle rises on a wooded hill high over the German village Wellmich, which is a component of Sankt Goarshausen.

Maus Castle is a fundamental and was carefully restored between 1900 and 1906, and nothing was affected by means of the historical details of the structure of the palace. Today the Castle Maus has become an attractive historical corner.

Maus Castle - Burg Maus - Thurnberg

Visitors have the option to celebrate family or official parties there. Especially popular within the Mаus Castle is the incredible show with eagles and falcons. Every lover of these proud birds can watch daily from 20th March to 1st October at 11.00 and 14.30 hours and on Sundays and public holidays starting at 16.30 hours.

Maus Castle is known among locals as Thurnberg, and its original name is Peterzek. It was erected on the east bank of the Rhine, north of the Katz Castle in Sankt Goarshausen. Castle Maus translates as - Mouse Castle.

According to tradition, the name Maus came from the taunts of the counts of Kattsenelnbogen saying that the Castle Maus will be eaten by the Katzenellenbogen – Katz Castle.

The construction of the Castle Maus started in 1356 by the Trier archibishop - Hömnod II and continued for the next 30 years by the heirs of Trier. The construction of the castle was designed to reinforce the new domains of Trier in the Rhine, and to secure its border with the Counts Katzenellenbogen who were the builders of the castle Katz and Rheinfels.

In contrast to the surrounding fortresses, Castle Maus was never destroyed, although it is left adrift in the 16th and 17th century. The restoration work began on the castle between 1900 and 1906 by architect - Wilhelm Gärtner.

During World War II, the castle underwent a bombing but was restored. Today the Maus Castle has an excellent house which holds the performances with the eagles and falcons.



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